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Villagers troubled by ‘robber’ aliens, sometimes take away cows and sometimes kidnap humans with UFOs

new Mexico
A Mexican tribe has described their ‘traumatic experience’ of living near a secret US military base for decades. People claim that aliens keep coming and going on this base. It is claimed that aliens kidnap local people’s cows and cut off their limbs. These people have been living here for almost 60 years and now they are troubled. They say that they have often seen UFOs around the mountain, which is believed to be the center of ‘Dulse Base’. It is located in New Mexico near the city of Dulce.

Residents in the small town claim to have heard strange sounds and seen rays of light emanating from Mount Archuleta Mesa. Some people even said that they had been kidnapped, after which they were taken to an underground hideout. Most of the cattle belonging to the people of the Jicarilla Apache Nation in New Mexico are reportedly injured. They say they have also seen mysterious egg-shaped spacecraft.
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Rumors started in the mid-1970s
Police Detective Avery Tafoya said everyone in Dulce knows about it. We also realize that ‘they’ are there. The whole world is taking interest in it. Rumors about aliens began in the mid-1970s when a US government security official reportedly alerted local police, The Sun Online reports.

Saw aliens kidnapping cow
According to the report, a local woman named Merna Hansen said that once she was on her way home with her six-year-old son. That’s when he reportedly saw a UFO picking up a cow with a beam of light. She was shocked to see this incident and stood in shock after stopping her car for several hours. He also recalled being kidnapped by ‘grey’ aliens after being hypnotized.

Mother and son abducted by aliens
He said that after being kidnapped, he and his son were taken to a spacecraft where they were stripped of their clothes and examined. Merna also saw a slaughtered cow and a container containing ‘cut parts of the human body’ inside.


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