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WWF-like sight was seen in Jordan’s parliament, they rained punches on each other

The scenes of violence seen on the streets are now visible in the Parliament as well. In every short time some such picture comes, which shows the inhuman conduct of the public representatives inside the Parliament. Now something has happened in the Parliament of Jordan that everyone is surprised to see and the country is ashamed. While arguing here, the MPs clashed with each other and rained kicks and punches. The video of this fight inside the Parliament is going viral.

The ruckus as soon as the speaker said so

According to the news agency Reuters, this incident of jutam-pajar happened in the Parliament of Jordan on Tuesday. In fact, during the proceedings of the Parliament, when the Speaker asked a deputy to leave the Parliament, there was a ruckus. A heated debate ensued between the MPs and what happened after that put the whole country to shame. The MPs clashed with each other inside the house.

MPs fell on their seats

It is seen in the viral video that the MPs suddenly clash with each other. They rain punches on each other. It is visible in this video of more than 1 minute that a lot of MPs have gathered there during the fight. During this, an MP falls on his own seat. However, the beatings continue even after this.

debate on constitutional amendment

It has been told in some media reports that a debate was going on in the Jordanian Parliament regarding the constitutional amendment. During this, an MP tried to obstruct the proceedings by making unparliamentary remarks in the House. After this the speaker instructed him to go out, due to which a ruckus started in the Parliament. No one was seriously injured in this fight. Some MPs have suffered minor injuries. Significantly, since the adoption of the constitution in Jordan in 1952, the constitution has been amended 29 times so far.

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