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Why did Claire Burton decide to become a sweeper, cleaning the houses of 6 customers

Claire Burton, a woman from Britain, left a corporate job of Rs 40 lakh and started cleaning. He says that being a sweeper is a whole different world from writing emails in a corporate job. According to Burton, this decision is the best work of his career. Let’s find out why Claire Burton decided to become a sweeper.

According to the report of ‘The Sun’, Claire Burton is now cleaning the houses of 6 customers after leaving a job worth lakhs of rupees. He started this work after seeing Instagram user Mrs Hinch.

Claire Burton says- ‘I felt at that time that life was over. For the next several months I was alone. However, there was one thing that unexpectedly helped me and stayed with me. That was my cleaning. In August 2001, Burton began working as a customer service representative for a high-street bank. When he was promoted after 16 years, his salary was 40 lakh rupees. But the bad news at that time was that her husband had died in 2017 itself.

Burton kept cleaning while working from home during the Corona crisis and lockdown. At that time cleanliness became more and more necessary. As soon as he felt happy in it, he thought, why not make him his partner. Therefore, with this decision, he thought of becoming his own sweeper and went to the houses and cleaned.

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Burton explains that she quit her job and became a full time cleaner. Now she cleans not only her own house but also the houses of others. She currently has 6 customers whose house she goes to clean.

Now Burton’s expenses are also less. Because their salary is not the same as before. Burton says that my salary has been cut by more than 70 percent. I have enough money for my expenses, that is enough for me. I am living my dream.

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