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Who was the child who smoked 40 cigarettes, the government had taken up the responsibility of improving

Smoking cigarettes is injurious to health, this thing is written on the packet of cigarettes but people like cigarettes ignore and ignore this thing. In today’s time, from the elderly to the youth, cigarette smoke is seen blowing. One such case has come to the fore in which a two-year-old child was also compelled by the habit of smoking cigarettes. But his cigarette has now been given up. Let us know who this child was.

A 2-year-old boy from Indonesia suddenly became famous many years ago because he used to smoke up to 40 cigarettes in a day. About 10 years ago, Ardi Rizal suddenly came into the limelight when it was found that a child of just two years smokes 40 cigarettes a day.

According to the reports, this happened to Ardi due to the negligence of his parents. When he was 18 months old, his father jokingly gave him a cigarette to smoke. The father did this many times and gradually the child got used to cigarettes.

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In 2010, suddenly Ardi’s video created a sensation in the world and the Indonesian administration took up the task of correcting the child’s cigarette smoking habit. Speaking to the Daily Mail in 2013, Ardy’s mother, Diane, said that when he initially quit smoking, he started insisting on buying toys. If he did not give him toys, he would start banging his head and hurt himself. Then his mother would give him a cigarette to smoke again to control him.

Now this child has grown up, but you will not be able to believe at all seeing the picture of this child. This child has changed a lot now and he has also reduced his weight. He has emerged as a winner in primary school. Aldi Rizal, a resident of a small village in Sumatra, became famous in the year 2010. He used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day while riding his tricycle.

Now for the last two years he is back to normal. He has got rid of cigarette addiction. Paying attention to his condition, the Indonesian government rehabilitated him, but now he has become addicted to overeating except smoking.

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