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‘Vial of poison’ will be hidden in the body, a button will stop it from spreading, if you forget to press it for a single day, it is all over!

Doctor Nitschke aka Dr Death, who created the ‘Machine of Death’ or Suicide Pod, wants to create a surgery that can kill a person if not activated daily. This idea of ​​the doctor is quite bold, under which a deadly implant will be implanted in people’s body. To stop the poison from coming out, a button has to be pressed daily. If a person becomes a victim of dementia and he forgets to press the button to save himself, then his life can be lost.

Speaking to The Independent, Dr Nitschke said that when a person has dementia, in some places he can legally sign a paper ‘with a healthy mind’. In which he writes that ‘if this happens then kill me.’ Now 10 years later, if a doctor reads that paper, then legally he can kill a dementia patient by giving him an injection. However, at that time the patient does not know what he wants with his life.
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button to beep
He said that it can make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable and of course I feel uncomfortable with it too. So what we are working on is the kind of implant that the patient has to take off everyday. If they forget why they are turning off something that is beeping over and over, they will die. It puts the responsibility directly on the person and allows him to do what he wants. They can end their life if they want and can live if they want.

will get a day or two
The doctor did not tell how this poison would be and how it would be released in the body. But he suggested it could beep for ‘a day or two’ before releasing the poison into the body to protect people from amnesia. This will also help clarify the state of dementia before the poison dissolves in the body. Dr Death has previously built a suicide pod which is a coffin-like capsule. It can kill anyone in less than a minute by reducing oxygen levels and filling the pod with nitrogen. Death occurs immediately, without pain and in a peaceful manner.


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