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Very scary figures are coming out from Britain regarding Corona epidemic, 122186 new cases were found in 24 hours

Very scary figures are coming out from Britain regarding the Corona epidemic. A record 1,22,186 new cases of corona infection have been found in 24 hours and 137 deaths have occurred. At the same time, according to a preliminary statistical model, every 20th person was infected with Corona in London last week. According to the report of the news agency Reuters, due to the increasing cases of Omicron, more than three thousand flights have been canceled on Christmas and the same eve.

More than one lakh cases in three days

According to data from the UK Health Department, more than one lakh cases are being reported for three consecutive days. On Thursday, 1,19,789 cases were found, while on Wednesday 1.06 lakh cases were reported. There were some 137 deaths on Friday, compared to Thursday’s 147.

17 lakh people infected during 13-19 December

At the same time, according to the preliminary model estimate published by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday, 17 lakh people were infected in Britain during the week of December 13-19. These include 15.44 lakh infected in England alone. 70 thousand are infected in the rest of Wales, 44,900 in Northern Ireland and 79,200 in Scotland.

Every 20th person infected in London

According to the data of this model, every 20th person in London was infected during the said period. According to this, the subsequent week i.e. this week every 10th person is likely to be infected.

2,175 flights canceled

Meanwhile, strict measures are being taken amidst the increasing cases of Omicron around the world. On Friday, 2,175 flights were canceled, including 448 in the US alone. These have both domestic and international flights. American airline Delta canceled 138 flights and United Airlines 170. Around the world 1,259 flights have been canceled on Christmas Day. The main reason for this was the shortage of staff due to the increasing infection of Omicron. German airline Lufthansa has also canceled several dozen of its flights. It also includes flights to Houston, Boston and Washington.

The authorities fell on the increase in the case in Xi’an, China

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, punitive action has been taken against 26 officials for increasing cases of corona infection in the northwestern city of China. However, what punishment has been given to them, it has not been told. As the cases of infection increase, the government has imposed a lockdown in this city with a population of 1.30 crores. All domestic flights and trains from the city have been cancelled.

Cases increased after the plane arrived from Pakistan

According to officials, after the arrival of a plane from Pakistan, there was a spurt in the cases of infection in the city. Now new cases are decreasing. Officials said that on December 23, 49 cases were found in the city, but strict measures like lockdown were taken to prevent infection at the local level.

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