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UK: Mysterious light was captured in only one CCTV of the street, people said – laborer’s ghost!

There are often two types of views regarding ghosts. Some people believe in the existence of ghosts, while some reject this notion. Some paranormal experts have been puzzled after an alleged video of ‘ghosts’ surfaced. In the unconfirmed video, a mysterious light can be seen rapidly passing up and down a deserted street. In the early hours of December 12, passing outside a house, this strange light was captured, after which the ‘ghost theory’ spread.

In the video, the lights appear from behind a car before rapidly going down, reports Dailystar. Chris Romer, paranormal whiz and head of Britain’s Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena, said 2021 is the “best sight”. He said it is shocking and mysterious how the light fell down? This is one of the best footage I’ve seen this year.
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Possibility of a person with a mobile with light
He said that there is also a possibility that this is not a paranormal activity. It is more likely that it is someone who has a mobile with a light. The woman whose outdoor camera recorded the video said she did not believe in ghosts but was still amazed to see it. He said it starts as a half-man and goes like a ball.

Light not recorded in neighbor’s camera
The most surprising thing was that this light was not recorded in the camera of the woman’s neighbor. He said that if a person was walking holding the light, then another camera would also record it. The woman’s neighbor told that before the settlement of the residential colony on this road, there was a company which made bricks. People in the company used to wear head torches. So it could be the ghost of any of them.

Local folklorist Dr David Sevier said that he was surprised by the bumpy speed of light. Is it someone doing this that for some reason doesn’t appear in the video? Apart from this, all the claims about ghostly lights are just part of the stories.


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