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There was a time when Khalid Mohsen Al Shari was brought out of the house by crane, now people are surprised to see

Khalid bin Mohsen Shari is a Saudi Arabian man who in August 2013 was found to be the heaviest living person and the second heaviest person in record history with 610 kg. His BMI was also 204, the highest weight ever recorded. As a result of medical treatment, he lost a total of 320 kilograms in six months. He had lost more than half of his body weight after the surgery.

Khalid bin was 22 years old in the year 2013 when his weight was 610 kg. It was known as the second heaviest man in the world. The man heavier than him was John Brower Minoche. who had died by then. The most surprising thing is that Mohsen Sherry could not walk at all then was taken out of his house with the help of a crane. However, after that his life changed.

In order to control the weight of Khalid Mohsen Al Shari, in addition to medical treatment and surgery, a balanced diet was also changed. Khalid was brought to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh for treatment. Khalid’s treatment here lasted for a few years. Khalid shared a video of himself in 2016, three years after the start of treatment. In this, he was seen walking with a Zimmer frame, after which Khalid bin Mohsen Shari lost half his weight in the next 6 months. Within 6 months, his weight had reduced by 320 kg.

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In fact, after knowing about this man, in the year 2013, the then Saudi King Abdullah ordered him to come to Riyadh, so that he should undergo surgery to reduce his weight. After this, a crane was brought from America to get Khalid out of his house. Airlifted by this crane, he was brought out of his house and brought to Riyadh.

When Khalid came in front of the world after one last surgery, people were surprised to see him. After five years, Khalid’s weight was reduced by 542 kg. Today, Khalid is 68 kg. Now seeing him, no one can say that this is the same Khalid who was once brought out of the house by crane.

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