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There is a huge crowd of Afghan citizens on the Spin-Boldak border, worse than the Kabul airport

Ever since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, large numbers of people have been evicting from Afghanistan. Every day such pictures of Atur people are coming to leave the country, which everyone is surprised to see, and now in this hour of crisis, another such picture has come out from the border of Afghanistan-Pakistan, where there is a huge crowd of Afghan citizens. doing.

This crowd is also breaking the record of Kabul airport. Its video is also going viral. This video is of spin-boldak border, here people are waiting for the gate to open on the border so that they can go to Pakistan. This video has been tweeted by journalist Naitik. He has said that this is not Kabul airport but Spin Boldak border, where thousands of people are present who want to go to Pakistan from Afghanistan. The terror of the Taliban is so ingrained in the people here that they are ready to leave the country at any cost. There is a bad situation from Kabul airport here, but because there is no foreign army stationed here, it is not going unnoticed.

Now because Pakistan is in the neighborhood of Afghanistan and the border is very close. In such a situation, there is a heavy burden of Afghan citizens on Pakistan itself. According to a report, more than 1.4 million Afghan citizens are currently taking refuge in Pakistan.

Let us tell you that the Taliban has been occupied in Afghanistan, in such a situation, people are continuing to leave from here, there are frequent flights flying from Kabul in which Afghan citizens are leaving the country. They have left the country since then, apart from this, India is also running Goddess Shakti campaign.

India has so far brought back more than 800 people from Afghanistan under ‘Operation Devi Shakti’. These include Indian citizens as well as Afghan and Nepalese citizens.

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