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The cruelty of Taliban.. forcibly picked up a 21-year-old girl from home.. gang-raping in the name of marriage

Afghanistan was captured by the Taliban terrorist organization on August 16, only after which the story of brutality with women is coming to the fore. There were also earlier reports that women were being sent abroad in coffins where they were made sex slaves. will be kept. At the same time, there are reports that Taliban fighters are going door to door looking for 12-15 year old girls and forcibly gang rapes are happening in the name of marrying them. This has been claimed by Australian-American journalist Holly Mekke, who herself has been reporting from areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria.

12-15 year old girls are being targeted

Journalist Holly McKay describes how the situation has changed for Afghanistan’s women’s community after the Taliban takeover. Mackay wrote, “I thought how hard the women in this country fought for their freedom were only being used as puppets. Afghan woman Fariha Eiser told them that Taliban fighters were going door to door in the country and soldiers were searching for brides. The report states that a man in the village of Badkhasan, Afghanistan, was told that he would have to hand over his 21-year-old daughter to Taliban fighters. He wants to marry her. After some time, the fighters took the girl away from the house forcibly. After which the man left the village along with his other daughters.


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Searching for young girls going from house to house

The report claimed that the girl’s father came to know after 4 days that three-four people were gang-raping his daughter in the name of marriage. The forced father cannot do anything except helplessness. Talking to the journalist, a woman named Fariha Eezer told that the Taliban is going from house to house, looking for women and girls above 15 years of age for marriage. A month earlier, Taliban members had reached the doorstep of his friend’s house in Badakhshan. This organization is looking for young brides for many months. These people were calling themselves the protectors of Islam and they were calling themselves the saviors of the people.

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