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Taiwan will take part in the world’s largest naval exercise, America will invite, ‘open challenge’ to Dragon!


  • Taiwan to participate in 2022 Rim of the Pacific exercise
  • America will invite to take the world’s largest naval exercise
  • China will get a big challenge due to the participation of Australia and Japan

The US will invite Taiwan to participate in the 2022 Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC), the world’s largest naval exercise, amid rising tensions with China. US President Joe Biden has signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2022 on Monday, reports CNN. It said the invitation would be part of US efforts in support of the self-governing democratic island facing aggression from China.

The NDAA authorizes budgets for national security programs in the U.S. Departments of Defense, Energy, and Country. Section 1246 of the act deals with Taiwan which broke away from mainland China more than 70 years ago. But China still claims it as its share and Chinese President Xi Jinping has vowed to bring it back to China. Washington has been committed to Taiwan’s autonomy since the passage of the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act. Under this, the US can supply Taiwan with the means to defend itself against Chinese aggression.

25,000 soldiers to participate in naval exercise
Citing a 1979 law, the 2022 NDAA states, ‘The United States must continue to support the development of defense forces capable, modern, and prepared to maintain adequate self-defense for Taiwan, including whether Taiwan is to be held in 2022. Inviting you to participate in the Off the Pacific exercise. A massive exercise is expected to take place next summer with the participation of more than 48 military units and 25,000 personnel from 20 countries, according to a statement from the US Navy’s 3rd Fleet in San Diego, overseen by RIMPAC.
Tension with China, Biden approves massive US defense budget of $ 768 billion
China may get an open challenge
The US Navy has not disclosed the countries invited for RIMPAC 2022 but a possible invitation to Taiwan would be the island’s first time to participate. Traditional RIMPAC participants include a number of US allies and partners, including major Pacific powers such as Japan and Australia. Both countries are showing increasing tension with China and support for Taiwan.

New law allows spending of $ 768.2 billion
The President of America signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Monday and gave it the form of law. Under this law, $768.2 billion has been authorized for spending on defense items, including a 2.7 percent increase in the salaries of members of the defense services for 2022. The NDAA authorizes a five percent increase in military spending and is the result of intense negotiations between Democrats and Republicans on issues ranging from reforming the military justice system to COVID-19 vaccination requirements for soldiers.


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