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Shocking statement of Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid, where our government could not control corruption

In fact, there is more than one sample minister in the government of Pakistan. Now Pakistan’s Home Minister Sheikh Rashid, who is called Imran Khan’s right hand, has admitted that the government has failed to control corruption. The receipt is also considered very close to the powerful army of the country. He has said that the roots of mafia are very deep in our country. Mafia rule runs here. This statement of Sheikh Rashid is being considered important in many ways.

This statement of Sheikh Rashid, who always brags in front of the media, has shocked everyone. Before this, he was always seen praising the government, but not only Rashid, but many of Imran’s ministers started changing their tone. The reason for this is believed to be the news of the return of Nawaz Sharif in the politics of the country.

In a conversation with the media in Karachi, Rashid openly accepted the failure of the government, but at the same time was seen blaming the old governments. He said that while coming to the government, we had promised that strict action would be taken against those involved in corruption and money laundering. We have not been able to fulfill this promise. The roots of mafia are very deep in this country and the government could not control them.

Let us tell you that the Imran government has been in power for more than 3 years. Next year there is a general election in September-October. Despite this, Imran and his ministers are blaming the governments for every problem. Rashid said – people are blaming us for inflation. But, the real responsibility is the old governments. Our fault is that we could not tell about this to the public. There is a gas crisis in the country.

According to ‘Dawn News’, Pakistan Muslim League leader and former PM Sharif will return to the country and do active politics again. This will be a huge threat to the Imran Khan government.

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