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‘Save the Children’ personnel missing after massacre in Myanmar

Bangkok, Dec 26 (AP) Two members of the international humanitarian aid group Save the Children went missing on Saturday following a massacre in Myanmar.

Myanmar government soldiers surrounded some villagers on Christmas Eve, shooting more than 30 people and burning bodies. This information has been received from an eyewitness and other news.

Images from the aftermath of the Christmas Eve massacre in East Mo So village are circulating on social media across the country, sparking outrage against the military. The military took power in Myanmar in February.

The charred bodies of more than 30 people can be seen in the three charred vehicles. A villager who claimed to have visited the scene said the victims had fled when fighting broke out between armed rebel groups and the Myanmar army near Koi Ngan village, located behind Mo So. He told that the soldiers arrested him on his way to the refugee camps, after which he was murdered.

Save the Children said two of its personnel on their way home for vacation were “trapped in the incident and went missing.” he got fired. The army forced people to get out of their cars, arrested some, killed some and burnt their bodies.

The government has yet to comment on the allegations, but a state newspaper reported on Saturday that fighting broke out near Mo So on Friday.

Eyewitnesses said the bodies were so badly burnt that it was impossible to identify them and medical and food items along with clothes of children and women were recovered near the spot. “The bodies were tied with ropes before they were burnt,” he said.

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