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Prediction of Baba Venga, there will be severe starvation in India in the year 2022, aliens will attack


  • Bulgaria’s prophet Baba Vaenga has warned that a new virus will come in the year 2022
  • Not only this, he has also said that aliens can attack the earth in the new year.
  • Baba gave accurate predictions from al Qaeda’s 9/11 attacks to tsunami in America

The year 2021 is passing and after a few days the new year will start. Meanwhile, Bulgarian prophet Baba Venga, who has accurately predicted from the 9/11 attack of Al Qaeda to the tsunami in America, has warned that in the year 2022, a deadly virus will come from Corona. Not only this, he has also said that aliens can attack the earth in the new year. Locust attack can cause starvation in India. Baba Vaenga is also known as Nostradamus of the Balkan region.

Baba Vaenga real name is Vengelia Gushterova and she died in 1996. Baba Venga was born in the year 1911 and claimed that God had given him the rare gift of seeing the future. At the age of 12, Baba Venga lost his eyesight in a severe storm. He himself had predicted his death accurately. Baba Venga, while dying in the year 1996, had given his prediction for the year 5079.

Baba Venga’s predictions come true so far
Baba Venga believed that the world would end in the year 5079. Before she died, Vaenga had made many accurate predictions such as the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the 2001 World Trade Center attack, the 2004 tsunami, the death of an African American man to become the US President, the death of Britain’s Princess Diana, and the 2010 Arab Spring. Now his prediction for the year 2022 has come out.

Prediction of Baba Venga for the year 2022

According to the Times Now report, Baba Venga claims that natural disasters will come in the world in the new year. There will be severe floods in Australia and many Asian countries. He said that a virus even more dangerous than Corona can knock in the year 2022. He said that a team of scientists would discover a new virus in Siberia that had so far been frozen in ice. Drinking water remains a matter of concern around the world. Baba Venga claims that in the coming year many countries of the world may face drinking water crisis.

The world was troubled in the year 2021 due to the locust attack. Baba Venga claims that locust swarms will attack crops and fields in India, which can cause severe starvation in India. Let us tell you that in the year 2020 in India, locusts had attacked in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh and devoured the crops. Baba Venga has said that in the year 2022, the asteroid will send aliens to Oumuamua to search for life on Earth.


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