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‘Orthodox thinking’ What did Pakistani minister Fawad Chaudhry say on Jinnah cursing the Taliban?

Pakistan’s Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Monday criticized the Taliban regime’s ban on women from traveling alone to public places, terming it a “conservative” move. The Taliban said on Sunday that women looking to travel long distances should not be provided with transport if they do not have close male relatives with them. The Taliban regime has taken this step at a time when it has already imposed several restrictions on the education of girls.

Criticizing the move, Choudhary said, “Women cannot travel alone or cannot go to school and college (alone), such orthodox thinking is dangerous for Pakistan.” He said that Pakistan should prepare its own path of progress. Paying tribute to Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he said that Pakistan was created for the protection and protection of minorities.
Talibani decree, women will not be able to travel alone in the bus, playing music in the car is banned
‘Jinnah did not want religious Pakistan’
He said that even Jinnah did not want Pakistan to become a religious nation. He said that today’s Pakistan is different from that which had been envisioned by Jinnah and poet Mohammad Iqbal as it later dominated the orthodox thinking and it led to Pakistan’s downfall. “This fight (conservative thinking) is very important for the existence of Pakistan and only by winning it can we or any other country move forward,” Chowdhury said.

Real face of Taliban is coming to the fore
The real radical face of Taliban in Afghanistan is now coming to the fore. The Taliban, urging the world to be recognized, has banned women from traveling alone for long distances in buses or other vehicles. Not only this, the Taliban has also banned playing music in the car. The Taliban have also said that women will have to wear the hijab during the journey. The Taliban have said in their new order that women will not be able to travel more than 70 km in a bus alone. To go beyond this, it would be necessary to have a male guardian with them. He said that single women traveling long distances should not be made to sit in the car.


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