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More than 1 million daily corona cases recorded in the world for the first time, highest in two years

Where will the devastation of Corona virus stop? This is what everyone is asking all over the world because the situation is getting worse year by year. Horrifying statistics are coming out everyday. According to new figures, for the first time in two years, the number of daily corona cases in the world has crossed one million. For the first time since the pandemic started two years ago in March 2020, the number of daily cases in the world has exceeded one million.

New infection cases in America are making new records every day and touching their highest level. The main reason behind this is said to be the highly infectious Omicron variant. Daily global cases have reached their highest level at a time when the World Health Organization has warned that cases of Omicron and Delta variants could trigger a ‘tsunami’ of corona. This will lead to ‘more’ responses to already ‘tired’ health workers and health services.
Delta’s era will become Omicron! New antibody ‘extremely’ effective on older lethal variants
WHO fears ‘tsunami’ of Corona
The head of the WHO said on Wednesday that he is concerned about the possibility of a ‘tsunami’ of infection cases due to the combination of oomicron and delta forms of Covid-19. But he expressed hope that the world will overcome this epidemic in the next year. Nearly two years after the corona virus first emerged, top UN health agency officials cautioned that it was too early to accept preliminary data indicating a mild-to-symptomatic infection from the virus’s newest form, Omicron. It’ll be hasty.

Countries lagging behind in vaccination
The infection of this form of virus, which first appeared in South Africa last month, is spreading to parts of America and Europe. 92 of the WHO’s 194 member countries have failed to meet the target of immunizing 40 percent of their population by the end of this year, after which its Director-General Tedros Adhanam Ghebreyesus urged everyone to make a New Year’s resolution that Support the campaign to vaccinate 70 percent of the country’s population by the beginning of July.


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