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Media crisis in Hong Kong, police sedition charges against ‘Stand News’

Hong Kong
Hong Kong police on Thursday charged two people with links to a pro-democracy website on sedition charges. The website ‘Stand News’ had said a day earlier that after the police raids on the office and the arrest of seven people, its website and social media accounts will no longer be uploaded with any new content and they are being closed.

In a statement, the National Security Police charged two men, 33 and 52, with conspiracy to publish sedition material. However, the identities of these two were not revealed. According to local media reports, charges have been framed against Stand News editors Chung Pui-kuen and Patrick Lam. The police said that they would also file a case of sedition against the company.
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Six members of Stand News arrested
In addition to Chung and Lam, four other former members of the Stand News board, including singer Dennis Ho and former MP Margaret Ngo, were arrested on Wednesday. Chan Pui-man, former editor of the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, and Chung’s wife have also been arrested. The news portal said that all its employees have been sacked.

Arrested under National Security Act
Police on Wednesday raided the office of Stand News, one of the last media outlets in Hong Kong to openly criticize after the Apple Daily newspaper was shut down and arrested six people before that. The police had a warrant issued under the National Security Act that came into force last year from which they confiscated the relevant journalistic material.


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