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Libya – bodies of 27 refugees found on the seashore, the soul trembled with fear

Something has happened on the coast of Libya, seeing which everyone has been blown away. In fact, fear has increased in the surrounding areas due to the discovery of the bodies of about 27 refugees on the seashore. It is being said that all these refugees were trying to illegally go to Europe in search of a better life. The bodies of two women and a child are also included in all these refugees. According to the International Organization for Migration, the number of people who died in this way has reached above 1500 so far. The bodies of the refugee have now been recovered. Giving its argument on this whole matter, Red Crescent has told that “he died due to boat capsizing”.

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This route is considered extremely scary, but illegal migrants still opt for this route to go to Europe. This is the reason why many refugees often lose their lives before reaching their destination. Sharing further information, the Red Crescent branch said that “the bodies have been found in the coastal town of Khoms, about 90 km from the capital Tripoli. All the bodies were found late on Saturday night at two different places. A child and 2 women are also included in these dead bodies.

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1500 refugees have died so far while going through this dreadful road

For information, let us tell you that this is not the first time that refugees have died while passing through this route. Such cases have come to the fore many times before. The United National Migration Agency has given strong arguments in which it has been told that so far about 1500 refugees have drowned while traveling through this sea route. While talking to the news agency AFP, a security officer also made his point. He said that “the rotten condition in which the bodies were found indicates that the ship sank several days ago.” However, the search operation is still going on in the surrounding areas. It is also being speculated that the death toll may increase as more in-depth investigations are carried out.

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