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Know why Taliban wants to keep women in burqa?

Some fundamentalists among Muslims who covered women with burqa, do they really even understand its meaning? Are they bargaining for women’s freedom under the guise of a burqa? stopping them from moving forward. Before going to the Quran, Hadith and Sharia, let us know what is a burqa and where did this word come from?

women’s burqa in iran

The practice of the word burqa has come from Iran, when the religion of Islam came to Iran, then they adopted the prevailing dress there and gradually it became the dress of women there. But do women in Iran do veils in the same way as Talibani people in Afghanistan want women to do? Look at the picture above, women in Iran do veils, but this veil would have been of their hair, and they also work in offices and other places while doing this veil. Schools go to colleges too.

burqa in afghanistan

This is a woman’s burqa in Afghanistan, no one can see a woman, and neither woman is able to see anyone. The Taliban want women in Afghanistan to wear such a burqa. Stay at home and don’t come out of the house, if you want to go out, take a man with you. Women do not have to go to school and college. Forget about working in offices.

What does the Quran say on the screen of women?

What is written about the burqa in the Quran, the religious book of Muslims, what is the real reason for women to wear burqa? Actually, in this sky book, it has been mentioned about how men and women should dress. It has been written for women that they should wear such clothes which are not clumsy, or are not meant to attract men. Do not wear tight clothes on the body, the head should be covered and the clothes should be decent so that non-men are not attracted to them. However, the word burqa is not used anywhere in the Quran.

Men’s veils are also mentioned in the Quran!

The experts of the Quran believe that not only women but also men’s veils are mentioned in it, but no man or ulema has ever cared about that veil. It is mentioned in the Quran that men should not see any non-women except mother, sister, wife, daughter and relatives. He should cover his eyes but have you heard any man talking about this?

What is the difference between Hijab and Burqa?

There has been considerable debate among Islamic scholars on this issue from the very beginning as to what should be the correct definition of the dress of women and men. In the midst of this debate, two words have emerged, one of which is the hijab and the other is the niqab. Hijab is an Arabic word which means to cover the head and niqab means to cover the whole body, which can also be called as burqa.

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