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‘I did not know in the morning that I would leave Afghanistan in the afternoon’, Ashraf Ghani said – there was no other way

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has said that he had no option but to leave Kabul suddenly as he came very close to the Taliban. At the same time, he denied the talk of an agreement on the transfer of power through peaceful means. Ghani said in an interview to the BBC that an adviser had given him only a few minutes to decide whether to leave the capital, Kabul.

He also denied allegations of illegally carrying crores of rupees with him while leaving Kabul. Ghani’s sudden and covert departure from Afghanistan on August 15 created chaos as US and NATO forces were in the final stages of withdrawal from Afghanistan. “Even until the morning of that day, I did not realize that I would be leaving in the afternoon,” the former president told BBC radio.
Talibani decree, women will not be able to travel alone in the bus, playing music in the car is banned
After leaving Ghani, the talks went back on water.
However, Ghani’s claims are contrary to statements made by other leaders in the past. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said in an interview earlier this month that Ghani’s sudden departure had ruined opportunities for government negotiators to hold talks with the Taliban.

‘Had to go to save the country from ruin’
However, in an interview with British General Sir Nick Carter, Ghani said that he had left the country to save Kabul from ruin. He claimed that two rival Taliban factions were ready to enter the city and that they intended to wage a fierce battle to gain control of power.


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