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Humans will start eating each other in space! Scientists warn of painful end


  • Scientists warn about setting up a colony of humans in space
  • Lack of food in space can become a big problem, it will take years for help to reach
  • Scientists said – if there is a shortage of food, humans will start eating each other

Humans are dreaming of settling in space in the coming time, but it is not that easy either. Some experts have warned that even if we manage to colonize space, humans may start ‘eating each other’ due to lack of food. Scientists have told about the challenges faced by humans in space. Scientists have raised the possibility of human life on Jupiter’s moon Callisto and Saturn’s moon Titan.

Although his first suggestion should be to establish a colony on Mars or the Moon as an experiment. Because when unexpected challenges arise, it will be possible to send supplies from Earth to both these places. According to a report by Metro.co.uk, scientists have cited food shortages and diseases as the main threats to distant colonies as it can take years for help from Earth to reach in difficult conditions.
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Technology needs to be tested first
Charles Cockell, Professor of Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, said that due to the climate crisis, our Earth is in danger of becoming uninhabited, so it is our compulsion to create a space colony. It would be a wise move to spread the species instead of going extinct, he said. He said that the systems to establish colonies in space should be reliable and therefore it is necessary to test them first.

need to learn from history
Cockell said that we should learn from history – Captain Sir John Franklin’s crew set out in search of the North-West Passage in the late 19th century. They were equipped with the best technology of that time. They had canned food which was the latest technology of that time. But still they got lost and then got trapped. Members of that crew ended up eating each other.

The biggest challenge facing humans in space is eating
Professor Cockel said that even with the best technology, isolated human communities collapse very quickly. If you send humans on Callisto without preparation, things will start to go wrong. If there is no other way to survive due to lack of food, they will start eating each other. Dr. Cameron Smith also agrees on the problem that the food supply is a major challenge for humans in space. He has emphasized the development of an agricultural system first to establish a colony in space.

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