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Hindu family tortured for taking water from mosque in Pakistan, held hostage, allegations against Imran supporters

Incidents of persecution of Hindus are increasing even in the ‘Naya Pakistan’ of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who came to Pakistan with the promise of making Riyasat-e-Madina. Recently, once again the case of torturing the Hindu community has come to the fore. According to the information received, a Hindu family was badly tortured and taken hostage in Punjab, Pakistan. The only fault of the family was that they had taken drinking water from the mosque. Angered by this, some people started torturing them, calling it a violation of the sanctity of their religious place. It is being told that the attackers themselves were people of Imran’s party PTI.

The family was beaten up by the local people for filling water from the mosque.

According to the Pakistan ‘Dawn’ newspaper, Alam Ram Bhil, a resident of Rahimyar Khan city of Punjab, was working with his wife and other family members to raise cotton in a field. Alam Ram Bhil said that when the family went outside a nearby mosque to get water from a tap, they were beaten up by some local landlords. When the family was returning home from cotton work, the landlords took them hostage in their dera and tortured them for “violating the sanctity” of the mosque.

Bhil said the police did not register a case as the attackers were linked to a local MP of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party. After this, he along with another member of his community, Peter John Bheel, staged a sit-in outside the police station. Peter, a member of the district peace committee, said he had contacted ruling PTI MLA Javed Wariach, who helped him register the case on Friday.

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Will meet people of Hindu community before taking any action: Deputy Commissioner

Yudhishthira Chauhan, general secretary of PTI’s South Punjab Minority Wing, said that he was aware of the incident. But due to the clout of the local MP, he preferred to remain silent. District Police Officer Asad Sarfaraz said that they are looking into the matter. Deputy Commissioner Dr. Khurram Shahzad said that he would meet the people of Hindu community before taking any action. Bhils have been living in the Basti Kahoor area for centuries. Most of the people of the clan work in the fields and are very poor. Here the landlords have often been fighting with the villagers. He has promised free legal aid to the victim’s family. Hindus are the largest minority community in Pakistan. According to official estimates, there are 7.5 million Hindus living in Pakistan. There are more than 90 lakh Hindus living in the country according to the community.

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