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Fierce oil crisis in Britain, crowd gathered at petrol pumps, forced to fill oil in bottles

These days people in Britain are facing oil crisis. There are long lines waiting for oil at the petrol pump. The wheels of Britain’s economy, which is always on the run, have come to a standstill and the reason for this remains the situation of oil crisis here. In all the big cities of Britain, people are leaving their homes every day in search of oil and are coming back without filling oil in the car.

People in panic about buying oil

In several videos viral on social media, miles-long queues are seen outside petrol pumps, apart from panicked citizens collecting as much petrol as they can in small water bottles. Usually, gas stations selling 20 thousand to 30 thousand liters of oil per day are now selling more than 1 lakh liters. There is panic among people about the purchase of oil at many petrol pumps in Britain and there is also a fight for it in many places.

Companies claim no shortage of oil

However, along with the UK government, all the big oil companies Shell, ExxonMobil and Greenergy have made it clear that there is no shortage of petrol in the country, there is a shortage of truck drivers who used to transport oil tankers to petrol pumps. The UK government claims that before Christmas, the problem of the oil crisis from the country will be solved and the food chain supply will also be repaired.

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why is the crisis happening

Maderson told the BBC: “There is a lot of oil in the country but it is in the wrong places for drivers. It is still lying in terminals and refineries.” Long queues of petrol pumps can be seen everywhere in the UK, blamed for Brexit. People faced a lot of difficulty in getting oil on weekends. Some drivers even had to wait for hours. At one station, the police were also called due to a fight. Police said one person has been arrested.

The government is appealing to the people not to panic and buy. The transport secretary, Grant Shapps, said people should “proceed as normal”. Vehicles are queuing at petrol pump stations for the last three-four days, but oil is not available at many places. There is a notification of non-availability of oil at the petrol pump.

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