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Every year 20 million dogs drink soup, butchers boil it alive

Hunan Meat Market in Wuhan, China, has been in controversy for the last two years. The first case of corona in the world was reported here. Earlier it was said that this virus is spread by eating bats. This theory brought China’s meat trade to a standstill. It is true that China is a country where even after many restrictions, the trade of meat from bats to dog is done indiscriminately.

Another case of vandalism with dogs for meat trade has now come to the fore. According to a report in The Sun, an organization has rescued several dogs sold for the meat trade from a warehouse in the midst of a terrible mess. Among them was Ruby, a pregnant bitch whose eight puppies died one after the other due to malnutrition. Cruelty to animals in China can be gauged from the fact that the butchers were going to boil them alive to sell them in the meat market.
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The claw was cut off so that he could not run away
Not only this, one of their paws was cut off to prevent the dogs from running away. An organization named NoToDogMeat has rescued the dogs and informed about the condition of pregnant bitches. Julia de Cadet, CEO of the London-based charity, said Ruby needed an emergency caesarean because of her small size and prolonged starvation. But soon the poor girl suffered from dystocia and then became a mother of eight puppies.

1 to 2 crore dogs are killed every year
Her body was too small to handle eight puppies. He told that the condition of the puppies was not good at the time of birth. As the days passed, one puppy after another left us. They died because their expectant mother did not get proper treatment and was treated brutally.

Humane Society International estimates that between 1 and 20 million dogs are killed in China every year. Here an adult dog is sold for 100 pounds (about 10 thousand rupees) to be cooked in soup or stew.


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