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‘Even if it is too late, humans will stand on Mars in 10 years’, Elon Musk predicted


  • Elon Musk made a big prediction about the colony of humans on Mars
  • Musk said in the interview – in the coming 10 years, man will be able to reach Mars
  • SpaceX working on rocket design and cutting travel costs

Elon Musk has many identities. He is the world’s richest person, Times Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year-2021’, he is the owner of SpaceX and Tesla. But above all, Musk is known as a ‘space lover’. He is dreaming of settling humans on Mars, which is also confirmed by his Twitter cover photo. In this episode, Musk made a prediction on Tuesday. He said that SpaceX will be able to take humans to Mars within the next 10 years. Musk made this bold claim on the Lex Friedman podcast.

Musk reiterated his idea and said that humanity should become a ‘multi-planet species’. He said SpaceX has detailed plans to develop technology for space travel. Regarding the time frame for the arrival of humans on Mars, Musk said, ‘It could take 5 years in the best case and 10 years in the worst case’. He said the time frame for the trip depends on the construction of the spacecraft to take humans into space.

SpaceX building launchpad in Florida
Musk said the Starship is the most complex and advanced rocket ever built. He said that it is really the ‘next level’. SpaceX has ramped up operations in recent years to meet Musk’s goal of a human settlement on Mars. Earlier this month Musk revealed that SpaceX has begun construction of a launchpad in Florida that will house Starship rockets.

Musk’s company cutting costs
During a podcast interview, Musk said that his company is working to cut the estimated cost of travel to Mars and design the Starship. Earlier, the European Space Agency and China had targeted Elon Musk’s ambitious project Starlink. Recently, a satellite of Musk narrowly avoided hitting the Chinese Space Station in space. Musk said in an interview, ‘Space is too big and the satellites are too small.’

‘We’re not stopping anyone from coming into space’
Elon Musk said that billions of satellites can be installed in low Earth orbit. Musk said that several thousand satellites are nothing. It’s just like there are millions of cars here on earth. It is nothing.’ He said that we are not stopping anyone from coming into space.


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