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Electricity crisis deepens in China, it is forbidden to burn even electric bulbs in homes

The power crisis in China is getting worse day by day. People have to spend both day and night without electricity. In view of the power crisis, the government has also imposed many restrictions on the people. The most affected by the power crisis is on the northeastern areas of China, where even everyday things have been banned. Factories, malls, shops are being forced to close. It is being said that this crisis is coming due to the problems in the coal supply, which is being tried to deal with it as soon as possible.

the lift was closed

The northern region of China is also suffering due to the power crisis. Where traffic and street lights were turned off. Due to which traffic jams were for miles long in many cities. Residents of skyscrapers were forced to take stairs in some cities where management suspended lift services to save electricity. People had to take the stairs to reach their homes. On Sunday, the provincial energy administration in China’s southern Guangdong province forbade people from using air conditioning in homes. He has said that instead of electric bulbs, use natural light more during the day.

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Reason behind power crisis

A sudden power crisis has surrounded the people in China. The reason behind this is inflation. In fact, coal supply has been affected in the midst of increasing demand for manufacturing in China. Coal prices also increased. Which caused a power crisis. The situation in China has become so bad that the factories of companies like Apple and Tesla operating there have also reached the verge of closure. The government ordered the closure of factories for a day to save electricity. The impact of the power crisis is affecting both home and business. No business can be completed without electricity.

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