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China is making a weapon to capture the enemy’s mind, will attack with ‘paralysis’ instead of gun


  • America imposed a ban on Chinese institutions, said – China is making biological weapons
  • Instead of attacking the enemy’s body, China will control their mind
  • Officials fear that China will use this technology against Uighur Muslims

The US has claimed that China is working on weapons with which technological warfare can be taken to a new level. These weapons have the ability to ‘take control’ and ‘paralyze’ the mind of enemy soldiers. The US ‘blacklisted’ China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and 11 affiliated research institutes for using ‘biotechnology’, including ‘alleged brain-control weaponry’, to support the armed forces ‘ Is done.

The Commerce Department, which blacklisted Chinese institutions, did not elaborate on the weapons, DailyMail reported. But some military documents from 2019 give an indication of what China is trying to achieve. The report said that China is trying to “paralyze and control the enemy” by “attacking the will of the enemy” instead of “attacking the body”.

American companies cannot deliver goods without a license
The Commerce Department had blacklisted the research institutes in a memorandum last week while the Washington Times reported on the 2019 document. China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences and its allies are now on the ‘Entity List’ which means US companies cannot export goods to them without a license. The move comes amid warnings from other government departments to US companies that China is trying to acquire US technology in key sectors, including biotech.
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China can control Uighurs
An official told the FT that the technology China is trying to develop includes “gene editing, human performance enhancement and brain machine interface.” US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said there were also concerns that China could use such a weapon to maintain control over its citizens, including minority Uighur Muslims.

Along with China, this country is also included in the blacklist
Unfortunately, the People’s Republic of China is using these techniques to control its people and repress members of ethnic and religious minority groups, he said. The Commerce Department has blacklisted companies in China as well as Georgia, Malaysia and Turkey for allegedly transporting American goods to the Iranian military.


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