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China deployed super powerful satellite, will monitor every movement of Indian Army

The Chinese dragon, which is showing eyes from the South China Sea to Ladakh, has now deployed its superpowerful third eye in space. This state-of-the-art satellite of China is equipped with artificial intelligence and powerful cameras. This commercial satellite, named Beijing-3, weighs one ton and will recognize military vehicles going on the road in a country and the weapons loaded on it in just a few seconds. This spy satellite of China can increase the problems of the Indian Army, which is facing aggression from Ladakh to Arunachal.

Researchers told The Sun that China had launched this satellite in June and had recently scanned an area of ​​San Francisco in the US. It has been said in the report that most of the satellites that probe the earth, it is necessary to remain stationary while taking their picture, otherwise the pictures will get spoiled. But on the contrary, on June 16, the Chinese satellite was able to successfully divert the direction of its camera while passing over the US.
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This speed has never been seen before in any satellite
Due to this change, the Chinese satellite can capture such a large part of the Earth, which could not be captured in the camera till now. The image was taken by a Chinese satellite from an altitude of about 500 km and its resolution was 50 cm per pixel. At that time the body of the satellite was rotating at the rate of 10 degrees per second. Such speed had never been seen before in any satellite.

Scientist Yang Fang, who worked on this project, said that our technology has reached a prominent place in the world. He claimed that the Beijing-3 satellite could be the world’s most powerful satellite to monitor the Earth. This satellite is doing things which have been considered impossible till now. It has been said in the report that this technology can be used openly for the army. This satellite can easily identify certain targets.
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Chinese satellite’s response time is longer than American satellite
Yang said that the response time of China’s Beijing-3 satellite is two to three times longer than the World View-4 satellite of America. World View-4 is currently the most advanced satellite to observe the Earth. The American satellite has an advantage that it can take a detailed picture at the rate of 30 centimeters per pixel compared to the Chinese satellite. The Chinese satellite has such solar panels that it stops moving during its time.


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