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Boyfriend got lottery of 35 crores, then broke up with girlfriend

You work hard to have a good life to keep the ones you love happy. earn money. But in Ontario, Canada, a man left his girlfriend just because he got a lottery of ₹ 35000000. The woman has now taken legal action against him. Because the woman says that she has half the rights on those routes.

This woman named Dinesh has taken legal action against her ex-partner man Maris Thibault. He said that Maris has got the jackpot of 35 crores. It’s half his. Along with this, a legal battle has also been started to take two crore 86 lakh rupees separately from Maris. The woman says that Maurice has cheated on her.

According to a report published in The Sun, Danish told that he and Maris lived in Chatham, Ontaria. The two of them decided that they would buy together the Canadian Lotto lottery that comes out every week and split it in half whenever they found a prize. After that he will buy a big house with that money. where they could live together in love but as soon as they got the lottery, Maris refused to give her share to Danish.

But according to Canadian law, they were both in a relationship in which both had equal rights of marriage. Denise also has a daughter and both of them were living with Maurice since 2017. Dennis’s lawyer said, “There was an agreement between the two that if either of them ever won the lottery, he would give half to his partner.

Denise’s lawyer told that as soon as Maris got the lottery, the very next day, Maris left the house with all her belongings. At the same time, he came to know that Maris had also left his job. After this, when Denise contacted her, he broke up with her. Maris wrote in the message Danish I am breaking up with you. I am sorry to say this but now I will never come back. At the same time, Maurice’s lawyer said that he has not done anything wrong. Maurice has bought the ticket with his own money and he is entitled to it

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