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Attention Indians living in Dubai! If you dry clothes in the balcony, it will be fine, know the new rules


  • Now a heavy fine will have to be paid for drying clothes in the balcony in Dubai
  • Dubai Municipality made new balcony rules to keep the city clean
  • Fine up to 30 thousand rupees will have to be given for throwing garbage or cigarette from the balcony

Some new rules have been made in Dubai, violation of which can lead to heavy fines. It is very important to know these rules especially for Indians living in Dubai because these things are very common in India. For example, in Dubai it is now forbidden to dry clothes on the balcony. If anyone does this then he will be fined. Whereas in India most people dry their clothes in the balcony itself.

Not only this, now if his ashes fall down while smoking a cigarette in the balcony, then he may also have to pay a fine for it. The Dubai Municipality has taken these steps with the aim of keeping the city clean. In a tweet on Monday, Dubai Municipality appealed to people not to ‘misuse’ their balcony. People have been told not to do anything that makes their balcony look ‘bad’.
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what will be forbidden now
In order to raise awareness about environmental needs and standards, the Dubai Municipality appeals to all residents of the UAE to refrain from disturbing the beauty and civilized nature of the city, the tweet read. In this tweet, information has been given about the rules, violation of which will attract fine. According to the new rules, on drying clothes on the balcony or window, after sweeping the cigarette ashes from the balcony, throwing garbage from the balcony, water falling down while washing the balcony or water dripping from the AC, feeding the birds in the balcony because they spread dirt. And for installing any kind of antenna in the balcony, you will have to pay a fine.

If you break the rules, you will have to lighten your pocket
These rules are not only made on paper, but breaking them can also lead to heavy fines. According to the news, breaking the rules will have to pay a fine of 500 to 1500 dirham i.e. 10 thousand to 30 thousand rupees. The main sector of UAE’s income is tourism and the government keeps taking various measures to woo tourists. This is the reason that strict rules regarding cleanliness are applicable in UAE so that a clean image of the country can be made in front of tourists coming from other countries.


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