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Alexa users beware! The ‘deadly’ challenge given to the girl child, the innocent child survived

Amazon’s smart device Alexa voice assistant is commonly used by people for their convenience. But recently this device put the life of a 10-year-old girl in danger. Alexa challenged the girl to touch the charger with the power plug with a coin. When the video of this incident was shared on social media, Alexa’s company Amazon itself apologized for this mistake.

Following a complaint from a Twitter user, Amazon has updated Alexa to avoid such threats in the future. Kristin Livdal reveals Alexa’s mistake. He told that his 10-year-old girl had asked Alexa to give a challenge. To this Alexa said, ‘This challenge is very easy.’ The device asked the girl to turn on the button after plugging the phone’s charger within half a plug. After this, challenged to touch the half of the plug with a metal coin.
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life could be in danger
This put the girl in danger of getting electrocuted. If the blow intensified, the life of the innocent could also be in danger. Kristin told that her daughter did not put the coin in the plug, showing understanding. After complaining about it on Twitter, people heavily criticized Artificial Intelligence, after which Amazon apologized and improved it.

Bug caused Alexa to mess with
Some users expressed surprise over this incident, while some jokingly avoided it. The company has also issued its clarification on this incident, in which Amazon said that it was actually caused by a bug. In the statement, Amazon said that this mistake has been corrected. Alexa will not give such dangerous challenges in future. Even after this, many users have refused to trust such a device.


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