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You too will get caught in the scam trap of WhatsApp! Hackers can steal your personal information


  • Big scam running on WhatsApp
  • Threat to personal and financial details
  • Android and iOS smartphone users at risk

New Delhi. At this time a huge scam is happening in the name of WhatsApp, which can make a big attack on your personal and financial details. Let us tell you that a dangerous WhatsApp scam known as Rediroff.ru has been in vogue for the last few days. Through this phishing scam, fraudsters can use social engineering methods to access your personal and financial information, including personal details such as bank and card details.

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Phishing links can attack Windows PC as well as Android and iOS smartphones. While it is not yet known when the scam was first reported, it has reached a large number of people during the Christmas season as it lures victims with the promise of expensive Christmas gifts. That is, by luring them, he traps them in his net. So be a little careful.

How is Rediroff.ru scam on WhatsApp?

Such a scam is happening, it is now known, but now let us also know that how the Rediroff.ru scam happens on WhatsApp? The fraudsters first send the link to the victim on WhatsApp. Once a user visits the link, this webpage claims that users have a chance to win a reward by just taking a survey.

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When users answer questions in the survey, they are redirected to a separate website where they are asked to fill in their information. The information requested by the website includes name, age, address, bank details and other personal data. The details provided by you can be used to conduct fraudulent transactions or it can be sold to criminals on the dark web.

Cybercriminals may also use the information you provide to send spam and malware-infested emails. They can also install PUA on the victim’s device. Phishing websites first examine users’ IP addresses to determine their location and then change the language of the page and display various scam schemes, appropriate to their region.

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How to protect yourself from rediroff.ru WhatsApp scam?

Whenever you receive a spam link with rediroff.ru in the URL, you should mark it as spam immediately. If you have accidentally clicked on such a link, you should scan your device for any adware, malware or PUA. Do not click on any kind of advertisement. If such a thing comes to your smartphone then you should uninstall any suspicious app immediately. In this way, you can save yourself from getting trapped in any pod.

WhatsApp Scam.


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