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Why were the services of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp down yesterday, know what was the reason behind their downing

Last evening suddenly you must have noticed that you are not able to do any feed on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, your written message is not being delivered. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Oculus were down since evening, due to which many users had to face a lot of problems overnight. Many people say that as soon as these apps were down, it seemed as if everything had stopped.

All these platforms started running again from this morning, this type of global outage has been seen after a long time, it is being speculated that the reason behind the downing of these platforms is the Domain Name System (DNS). The domain name system, called the Internet’s phonebook, allows DNS to convert its IP address whenever a user types a hosted name such as Instagram.com into a URL. If you say IP address in common language, then it is the address where the site is located.

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In addition to DNS, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is also being reported to be down, BGP routes IP addresses and DNS nameservers. To put it in layman’s terms, as DNS is the phonebook of the Internet, BGM is its navigation system. It is the BGM that decides which route will deliver the data faster. It is estimated that Facebook has made the same mistake, due to DNS resolution failure, common people were not able to use Facebook.

According to John Graham Cumming, CTO of Internet infrastructure company cloudflare, Facebook did something in the routers due to which Facebook’s network was unable to connect itself to the rest of the Internet. Let us tell you that till now the real reason for the downing of Facebook and other platforms is not known, nor has the company given the reason for the downing of these platforms. Until Facebook makes a statement about this problem, it is difficult to tell the main reason for the downing.

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