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These apps will keep a close watch on your house for 24 hours without a CCTV camera, thieves will come

Technology has advanced so much that today we can do many things sitting at home and we do not need to go anywhere. Many times we also hear such news that people’s house is stolen and they are unable to do anything. To avoid such things, many people get CCTV cameras installed in their homes so that the house can be protected and the house can be monitored. This becomes very important especially for the children of the house.

But we already know that installing CCTV also costs a lot. Not everyone can afford them. But if we tell you that you can monitor the house without installing a CCTV camera? Yes, you can do this through some apps. Today we are telling you about some such apps.

travel safe app
This app can also be useful for you. Through this app, whenever you go anywhere, you can keep your home safe. This app ensures that you can send help immediately to your home in case of an emergency. This includes medical, fire services, police information.

something app
Through this app, you will be able to keep an eye on the house without a CCTV camera. For this you will need a mobile. It could also be your old phone. Only this phone should have Wi-Fi enabled. If this app sees anything strange then it sends an alert. With this you can also watch live streaming of your home.

Cerberus Personal Safety App
This is a real time location app. It helps to share real time location of your family and friends. With this you will be able to see where your friend or family member is.

Your activity is not tracked and recorded through this app. It takes full care of your privacy and security.

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