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The new iPhone will not have a physical SIM card slot! Know what is E-SIM and its advantages and disadvantages


  • Smartphone can be operated without SIM card
  • This technology will be in the new model of iPhone
  • Customers will get the facility of e-sim

Veteran tech company Apple keeps bringing something new for its users from time to time and now the company is preparing to launch its new smartphone soon. It is believed that this new smartphone of Apple can be launched in September 2022. According to some reports, this new iPhone model of the company is going to come without SIM slot.

There will be no physical SIM card slot in the iPhone 15 Pro model!

It is being claimed in the leaked report that the company is preparing to launch its iPhone 15 Pro model in the year 2023. There will be no physical SIM card slot in this phone.

Apple will launch only e-SIM support smartphone in 2022!

According to the reports of MacRumors, in the year 2022, the company is planning to launch only e-SIM support smartphone. In such a situation, it is being expected that Apple will remove the physical SIM card slot in the iPhone 14.

Dual e-SIM support will be available in iPhone 15 model

Leaks have revealed that two e-SIM-card slots can be given in Apple’s upcoming iPhone iPhone 15 model. It is being said that removing the SIM card slot from the phone will go a long way in making it waterproof.

Apple’s next flagship series

Let us know that the company’s upcoming flagship series is in the iPhone 14 lineup. According to the information, users will get 2 TB of storage in this. QLC flash storage support can also be given by the company in its upcoming flagship smartphone. With the help of which users will be able to increase the storage of the phone up to 2 TB. At the same time, talking about its camera, Apple can offer 48MP camera lens in its new iPhone model. However, it is also being said that only the 48MP camera can be kept limited till the iPhone 14 Pro model. Its camera setup will support 8K video recording.

What is e-sim?

The e-sim which is being mentioned again and again, so let us now know what is this e-sim. Actually, e-SIM is a kind of virtual SIM. They are not like SIM cards at all. It is believed that the future of the telecom industry is going to be E-SIM. If you use e-SIM, then there is no need to insert any physical SIM card in your phone. Explain that over-the-air is activated through the e-SIM telecom company.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of e-SIM?

The most important and good thing about e-SIM is that you do not need to change it again and again after changing the operator.
There is no possibility of E-SIM getting damaged due to water or phone heating.
At present, companies like Jio, Airtel and Vodafone-Idea in India are providing e-SIM facility to the users.
Talking about the disadvantages of e-SIM, in case of mobile phone breakage, you can easily transfer the data of your SIM card to the new phone, but this is not possible in the eSIM device.


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