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The interviewer will be impressed, these apps make such a strong resume that no one will be able to stop the job from being confirmed!


  • Resume is very important to get job
  • Many people make mistake in making resume
  • With the help of these apps, you can create a perfect resume

New Delhi. Everyone needs a resume, whether you are a fresher or an experience professional, everyone needs it for a new job. It will be known to everyone that the first document a candidate has to give to go to any company is Resume. There are some resume builder apps on Google Play Store, in which you can easily create a great resume using your smartphone. We are telling you about 5 best Android apps My Resume/CV Builder, Make My Resume, My Resume, Resume App and Super Resume Pro which can prove to be best for you. All the features are available in all these apps.

My Resume/CV Builder

The My Resume/CV Builder app is the easiest to use. This app asks for basic information while creating resume. After entering the information, you can select the format in which you want to resume. But there is a problem in this that the preview cannot be done till it starts again. The app automatically saves the created resume in PDF format and lets you edit the old copy as well. My Resume/CV Builder is a good app, but the presentation is short.

Make My Resume

What’s different about the Make My Resume app is that it lets you select a template for your resume before entering all the information. This is a very useful feature. The user interface of this app is very good. Other features and other things are same as other apps. When you enter information and select a layout and Make My Resume does the work for you. In addition, this app allows you to edit existing resumes.

My Resume

In My Resume you have to enter basic information, after which it is used again. The app has the facility to select the font type, color, size and such things. After this the resume is customized according to you. Along with this, you can also decide whether you want to put elements like sign, location and date on the resume. You can also select a template or format to resume. It can be previewed only after restarting.

Resume App

You have to take the help of Facebook to login in Resume App. Its function is very useful, as the app directly collects the necessary information (like name, first working place) etc. from your Facebook account. This helps you to re-input all the information. Please note that additional information can always be filled in manually. There are 3 templates provided in this app which are quite less. Resume app is very easy to use. It can also be used to create a cover letter.

Super Resume Pro

This resume maker app allows users to choose a template layout even before taking basic information. Along with this, this app also suggests that the type of resume layout users should choose based on their job profile, which is a very helpful feature. After entering the required information, the user’s resume is generated. Although this app is quite right, but it comes with a lot of add-ons that spoil the experience. Apart from the add, it has no drawback.


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