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Smartphone speed will be super fast like this clear cookies and cache


  • Smartphone speed often gets low
  • Users have trouble using the phone
  • can be increased very easily

New Delhi. In today’s time, smartphone companies are constantly working to speed up the speed of the smartphone. But even after this, most of us get sad that why the speed of the smartphone decreases. Many times people do not understand what is the reason behind the slowness of the smartphone. We are often searching for something or the other on the internet and save all the data to speed up the experience of loading the information quickly from the saved assets in future like web browser app of android powered phone, google chrome, mozilla firefox etc. live. This data is stored in the form of cache and cookies in the phone of the users. After a long time, a pile of files gets accumulated in the phone which is of no use to you. Due to this data, the speed of your smartphone becomes very slow. To prevent this, you should clear your cookies and cache, which frees your phone from unnecessary storage information. We are going to show you how you should clear smartphone cookies, cache on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox web browser.

How to clear cache and cookies on Android smartphone:
In Google Chrome, press the More icon in the top-right corner of the browser, represented by 3 vertical dots.
Then tap on History.
Clear browsing data to clear your cookies and cache.
You can also clear browsing data from the Chrome settings menu by selecting to clear your privacy and security, then browsing data.

Basic and advanced settings for clearing your browsing history, cookie and site data, and cached images and files are then available in Chrome. You can also use the Time Range drop-down to select whether you want to delete all of your information or only the last 24 hours to 4 weeks. If you wish, you can also remove saved passwords, form data autofill and site settings by tapping Advanced. After selecting what you want to delete then hit the blue clear data clear icon and it will be erased without your approval. So confirm that you are doing exactly what you want.

How to Clear Smartphone Cookies and Cache in Mozilla Firefox
You can clear cookies and cache from within the Mozilla Firefox Android app. You have to do it the same way as in Google Chrome. Follow these steps to get there.
You have to click on the More button on the right side of the address bar, which is once again shown by 3 vertical dots.
Then after that go to Settings and select Delete Browsing Data from the drop-down menu.
In Firefox, you get more options under the Erase Browsing Data menu. This allows you to delete any existing open tabs, your browsing history and site data, site permissions, and even your downloads folder, in addition to cookies and cached photos and files.


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