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K Sundar Pichai may be questioned on the allegation of data theft in Incognito Mode


  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai may be questioned
  • There is an allegation of data theft
  • This issue is related to incognito mode

New Delhi. A decision has been passed by a California federal judge, according to which Google CEO Sundar Pichai can be questioned for two hours in Incognito Mode Privacy Lawsuit. Earlier this year, a court filing noted that Pichai had been warned about problems with Google’s Incognito browsing mode in 2019.

According to a number of recent filings, plaintiffs are now arguing that Pichai has full knowledge of the Chrome browser and privacy concerns. Google spokesman Jose Castaneda told Reuters the new requests were unwarranted and overreaching. Castaneda said, “While we are vigorously disputing the claims made in this case, we have cooperated with the plaintiffs’ multiple requests, we will continue to vigorously defend ourselves.

In her order on Monday, US Magistrate Judge Susan Van Keulen in San Jose, California, said, “There are some documents that show that certain specific information was disclosed to Pichai and therefore supported the plea of ​​plaintiffs’ attorneys.” .

Earlier this year, Brian Rakowski, who is known as the ‘father’ of Incognito Mode, testified that although Google says Incognito Mode enables your browsing, it doesn’t allow users to be right about it. I think it is far beyond reality. Google’s lawyers then rejected the entire summary.

Google spokesman Jose Castaneda noted in a press statement earlier this year, “Incognito mode in Chrome provides the option of browsing the Internet without saving your activity on your browser or device. As we do with a new one every time.” We inform you when you open the Incognito tab that websites may collect information about your activity while browsing.”

In June last year, three complainants filed a class action against Google. It was said that Google does an extensive data tracking business. It was further stated that Google collects browsing history and other web activity data even after enabling Incognito Private Browsing Mode on Google Chrome. The lawsuit alleges that Google uses other applications, including Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, website plug-ins and mobile applications, to track users.


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