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If you want to do video editing like Bollywood movies, then these are the best apps for iPhone


  • Some apps are necessary for video editing
  • improve the quality of the video
  • Users can add many elements to these

New Delhi. Apple iPhone has become the first choice of people all over the world thanks to its camera. It is quite popular due to its camera quality as well as the reasons for the best video editing apps available for it. If you shoot videos from iPhone, then we are telling you that there are many great apps on the App Store that can be of use to you. Today we are telling you about the best apps for shooting and editing videos on iPhone.

FiLMiC Pro
FiLMiC Pro is the best app on the App Store which is useful for users who shoot videos. There are many manual controls available in this app that help you adjust focus, exposure, ISO, frame rate and zoom etc. Option to switch between color profile, HDR mode, process codecs and resolution are also available. Pro users get access to gamma curve control, image stabilization, movie presets, audio synchronization and down sampling. FiLMiC Pro is available on the App Store for $14.99. Additional features can be added via in-app purchase.

Using the DoubleTake app, users can shoot a video using two iPhone cameras at the same time. This app was focused through Apple at the iPhone 11 Pro launch event in 2019. The multi-camera feature requires an iPhone 11 or newer. This app can be purchased on the App Store for $3.99.

Carousel Camera
The Carousel Camera app helps people who need to record vertical videos for social networks but don’t like watching them on TV or computer, so this app makes it worth both. By the way, this app is available for free on the Apple App Store. But some features require an in-app purchase of $0.99.

Focos Live
You can shoot portrait video on other iPhone models through the Focus Live app. The app adds data from the iPhone’s rear cameras to create a blurred background effect in the video. Although the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have the ability to shoot video in Portrait mode through Cinematic Mode, the older model did not have this feature. The focus lens works better on the iPhone 12 Pro and the latest iPad Pro with the TrueDepth camera and LiDAR scanner. Apart from blurring the video background, the app also lets users edit videos with filters, color adjustments and effects. Focos Live is available for free on the App Store.,

LumaFusion is a very popular video editing app from Apple that is a must for editors working with iPads. This app is also available for iPhone. LumaFusion can be purchased from the App Store for $29.99. At the same time, more features are available with in-app purchase.

Apple’s iMovie app is the most affordable app. Apple’s video editing app, previously designed for Macs, can also be downloaded to iOS devices. This app is more economical and can be used easily. iMovie is a pre app that can be downloaded from the App Store. No in-app purchases are needed in this app. But some features can be used only for the latest iPhone and iPad models.

Wrap up
With the Wrap Up app, users can shoot and edit more amazing videos using their iPhone.


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