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If you also use this version of iOS, update immediately… otherwise


  • Important news for iPhone users
  • Update to iOS 15 immediately
  • Update your phone to iOS 15.2.1 as soon as possible

New Delhi. Apple made an announcement last year ahead of the launch of iOS 15. Instead of immediately updating iPhone users to iOS 15, Apple was advising them to stay on iOS 14. iOS 15 can be installed on every device that supports iOS 14. But Apple is all set to try something new. Now Apple company is asking iOS 14 users to install iOS 15.

When Apple first released iOS 15 last September, it provided two options in the Settings app. It could be used on all supported devices. In these two options, users could either download the iOS 15 update or remain on iOS 14.8. Apple has detailed the feature changes for iOS 15 on its website.

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iOS can now offer a choice between the two software update devices in the Settings app. Users can update to the latest version of iOS 15 or continue on iOS 14 for the latest features and security updates. They will be given security updates even after this.

As reported by MacRumors, Apple has removed the option to stay on iOS 14. This option has been removed when the company released iOS 15.2 last month. The company said that initially, we were not sure whether it was a mistake or not, but in this iOS 15.2.

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It is worth noting that Apple released iOS 14.8.1 in October. Several important security updates were included for users who did not update the software. As of the end of this week, iOS 14.8.1 will no longer be available. If your iPhone is still running iOS 14.8, the only way left for you is to update your phone to iOS 15.2.


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