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How to Check Battery Health Status on Android Device?


  • In this way you can check the battery of the smartphone
  • Users will not have to make much effort
  • Its process is very easy

New Delhi. Apple devices especially iPhones and iPads have been providing their users with the ability to check battery health status. This feature asks them to check if it is time to replace the battery of their device.

However, unfortunately Android users did not have any such feature available and even Android 12 has been missing out on important feature like battery health status. But, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to check the battery health status of an Android device.
There are many options available for this. To begin with, some smartphone makers provide built-in features to their devices, just like Apple. While some offer separate first party apps to run a complete diagnostic of the smartphone. Apart from this, many third party apps are also available.

Samsung Smartphones:
Samsung offers a diagnostic option under the Settings menu, which allows users to run a complete diagnostic of their smartphone. Including battery, network, Wi-Fi, camera, etc. To access Diagnostics option go to Settings -> then click on Battery & Device Care -> then Diagnostics.

Here you can either run Complete Diagnostics or tap on Battery option to check its health.
OnePlus Smartphone:
OnePlus smartphones do not come with any built-in feature to check battery health. However, the company’s OnePlus Care app allows users to run a complete diagnostics including battery. For this, download the OnePlus Care app from the Google Play Store and login using your phone number. Once on the home screen of the app, tap on the ‘Diagnose this device’ option to run the test.

Using Third-Party Apps
There are many third-party apps that automatically scan the device hardware to check for any problems. There are many apps available, such as Cacheify Diagnostics, CPU-Z, Ampere, AccuBattery, etc.
These apps scan the device and present the complete details of the device hardware condition at the moment. Note that these are third-party apps, so download them at your own risk.

secret code
Most Android devices provide the ability to check battery health using a secret code. Which is somewhat similar to checking account balance. To check battery health via secret code, dial ##4636## and select Battery info. Let us tell you here that this secret code also works on select Android smartphones and may or may not work for you.


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