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Find out today whether it’s safe to store your password on Google Chrome

New Delhi. There are many online accounts of people in today’s time. With so many accounts, it is very difficult to remember all the passwords. But you don’t need to worry too much for this, as Chrome allows you to save your login details on Google servers to make password management easier. Not only does Chrome do this, but browsers like Mozilla Firefox also let you store usernames and passwords to quickly access websites. Have you ever wondered whether it is safe or dangerous to save your password in Chrome, Google or any other browser. Let us know about it in detail.

Is it safe to store passwords on Chrome or other browsers?

According to Google, Chrome encrypts your username and password with a ‘secret key’ that is only secure for your device. This happens before the data is saved on Google servers. This means that no one, including Google, can access your username or password.

If you go to the Password Manager section of your Google Account, you’ll find that you can’t access your ID or password. In the search giant, you will first be asked to enter the password of your Gmail account, after which you will be able to check the details.

Google never sends an alert when you or someone else tries to access your password. But the one right thing in this is that you do not get access to all the passwords at once. Like if you want to check your Facebook username and password then you will click on it and enter your Gmail password then after that you will be able to check login credentials.

It’s a good approach, but you don’t get a special alert for it. Browsers like Firefox do not follow this. There is no way for you to add a safety pin to protect the ID and password you save on its servers. Firefox says that your data is ‘secure’ it does not appear because someone can easily open or hack your laptop. For this, first go to Settings, then go to Privacy and go to Security and login credentials can be accessed with a password.

It is still not safe to store login details on any browser, including Chrome, as you do not get complete security and there is always a risk. As if your laptop gets hacked, your data is not compromised. If your Gmail account is hacked, then that person can easily login to any account or site, which you have stored on Google servers. You might know that when you login to Gmail on your new device, you don’t need to login again to the Play Store or Chrome or Google Photos or Drive. You can easily do all the work just by login to Gmail.

If passwords for your social media bank and other accounts are saved in Google, then you should delete them immediately. On the other hand, many banking sites have a two-step verification system and some follow security protocols. Because of this, hackers can prove difficult to crack. But it is told that the credentials of any account should not be logged in.

Sites or accounts that are not necessary are saved in the password manager list.

This is the reason why people are advised to turn on Two-Factor Authentication, for this you have to enter your primary password as well as a secondary password, PIN or OTP which will not be known to anyone. . That is, two-factor authentication proves to be completely hack-proof. Users should keep two-factor authentication on for all online accounts and change passwords every month to keep hackers away.

Always keep a unique password, add a secondary password or PIN code. You must use two-factor authentication for your Google Account and add a recovery email to the same account. In such a situation, if your account is hacked, then you can recover it using your secondary Gmail account.

how to remove password from chrome

All you have to do is type ‘google password manager’ on your browser and the official site of Google will appear at the top. Click on it and select any site or account that you don’t want Chrome to protect on its servers. The search giant will then ask you to enter your Gmail password and you can delete it later.


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