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Do not take your smartphone in the water considering it to be waterproof! Permanent damage will happen


  • Smartphones are not completely waterproof
  • Many companies bluff users
  • These smartphones can cause serious damage due to water loss

New Delhi: There are many smartphones in India about which companies say that these smartphones are waterproof but are they actually waterproof. This question probably must have come in the mind of most of you. Although you probably have never noticed this thing. Let us tell you that if your smartphone is being told by the companies as waterproof, then it is not necessary that it should be so because customers do not do much investigation about it, as a result many companies take advantage of this and give wrong information. So let’s know the truth about your waterproof smartphone.

What are waterproof smartphones

Waterproof smartphones do not spoil even after being in deep water. Let us tell you that waterproof smartphones remain in full function mode even after falling into deep water up to a few ATMs and they do not get damaged even after taking them out of the water. At the same time, most of the smartphones available in the market in low budget nowadays are not waterproof. Actually most of the smartphones are splash proof which can cause permanent damage if they are put in water.

What are splashproof smartphones

Splashproof smartphones can only protect the smartphone from splashes of water or raindrops. If excessive water falls on these smartphones, then they can get damaged. These smartphones are made to withstand some amount of water only. In such a situation, if your smartphone is splash proof and you drop it in water, then it will get spoiled and you may have to spend a lot of money to get it made. So if you have now understood the difference between these two smartphones, then take special care while using the smartphone and protect the splash proof phone from water.


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