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Attention Know this important thing before buying AC, otherwise you will not get free service later

New Delhi. Before buying any item, it is very important for you to take care of many things. Usually, when buying goods, our complete focus is on the guarantee and warranty of the product. In most cases, companies also promote guarantees and warranties. Actually every customer wants that after buying the product, he gets the service of the company for free for some time. Sales persons often use terms like guarantee and warranty. Today we tell you the meaning of both these words.

What is guarantee?

There is a huge difference between a guarantee and a warranty. The guarantee simply means that if there is any defect in any product sold by him, then the company will immediately send an engineer and get it rectified. If any manufacturing fault occurs within the time limit of the guarantee, it will also be recovered. In return, the customer will be given another product.

What is Warranty?

Warranty means that any product once sold will not be taken back. Even if there is any mistake in it. The company is only responsible for getting it repaired. Regardless of whether it has a small part or a big part, the customer does not have to pay anything for it. If the word warranty is written on any product, it means that it can only be repaired and will not be returned.

What is important to keep in mind while taking a guarantee or warranty?

In both the cases, the customer should have a solid bill for the goods he has purchased. It is necessary to mention the date, price and name of the goods on this bill. Now many companies are also providing the facility of online booking. You can book any product online. After this you do not need to show the bill. But for online registration, it is necessary to keep the bill.

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