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Alert WhatsApp, Facebook and Insta users! This one mistake will be very heavy

The evil eye of Cyber ​​Criminals is on your WhatsApp. As cybercriminals are attacking users’ passwords, users have been warned that phishing websites cloning login pages of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger can use their personal login details, passwords and even emails. Do not share ID.

Beware of cybercriminals!
WhatsApp users should be aware that they can be cheated easily, as these phishing websites look exactly like the official website of WhatsApp. Meta has warned users of cybercriminals to gain access to their WhatsApp accounts. In such a situation, all users should be aware of this danger. So that you do not fall into its trap.

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Facebook-Instagram also caught in this scam
The Meta-owned firm has shared that over 39,000 websites have been searched trying to steal user details through fake login pages. Not only WhatsApp but other social media sites owned by Meta such as Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger have also been caught in this scam.

These Fake Websites Look Like Original Websites
This new phishing scam, which is affecting WhatsApp users, is operated by cybercriminals by luring victims to websites that appear to be the original websites of companies, banks and others, but are actually all fake. There are.

One mistake can lose your money
The content of these fake sites is designed to persuade users to enter sensitive information such as passwords or email addresses. In such a situation, you will find that if you click on any strange link, it takes you to a fake WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram page. Innocent users who do not know what is happening share their login and password with them and in the end the users lose their money.

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Meta cautions users
Meta has said that more than 39,000 phishing websites have been created by impersonating the login pages of Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. These websites prompt users to enter their username and password. They then use a relay service to redirect Internet traffic to phishing websites as such.

Meta filed suit
Meta has also filed a lawsuit against cyber thieves to combat these data-stealing websites and prevent users from falling prey to such scams. In one of its blog posts, Facebook said, “Today, we filed a federal lawsuit in a California court to deceive people into sharing their login credentials on fake login pages for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.” designed to block phishing attacks.”

According to Facebook, this lawsuit will protect users and send a clear message to those who are trying to abuse their platform and increase accountability of technology abusers.

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Do not click on any such link
Meta warns users that if they receive an email, text or WhatsApp message asking them to login to any of their Facebook-owned accounts through a website, you may not share any of your details with them. Do not share with
The social media platform has also asked not to click on any links or attachments, emails or messages claiming to be from Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram.

How to know if websites are fake?

In particular users should check the URL. All Facebook emails come from fb.com, facebook.com or facebookmail.com and one can always visit www.facebook.com or open their Facebook app to check important messages from the firm.


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