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What if Amarinder Singh forms a new party?

The recent political turmoil in Punjab has proved that a soldier is ultimately a soldier, whatever the profession. Be it politics, diplomacy, advocacy or sports, but beyond the attachment of position, prestige and power, he is constantly fighting for the cause of the nation. Captain Amarinder Singh is also an ex-serviceman and military historian. Therefore, his political approach in the context of Punjab developments is also military strategy. The ongoing political turmoil in Punjab is a standard example of the distorted face of Indian politics. It has everything, from Sidhu’s gluttony to the Congress’s stupor. From political laxity to devotion to duty of Captain. Captain Amarinder Singh kept fighting for the protection of nationality in Punjab, denying the position, prestige and power, why not fight? Military rites soaked in blood and the smell of soil which stirs. Come, through this article, we will analyze the political developments in Punjab, along with the insult of the captain, as well as the question of what would happen if this rebel captain formed a separate team.

In the atmosphere of nationalism, anti-national views cannot last long. Before the 2017 Punjab assembly elections, Sidhu left the BJP and joined the Congress. Congress emerged victorious in the election. But Amarinder had a big role in this Punjab victory of the Congress. Their dedication and hard work gave life to the Congress and brought it to power in Punjab, but if the leadership is weak, it creates anarchy and autocracy with immediate effect. Do you all know the leadership of Congress? And from above the welfare and developmental efforts of the central leadership such as the Citizenship Amendment Act and the Peasant Act have put Punjab on the path of development rapidly. The representation of leaders like Hardeep Singh Puri in the Union Cabinet and the work of Afghanistan’s defense was commendable. The development and mainstreaming of Punjab, laden with saffron brotherhood and intense nationalism, did not go down well with the Khalistani and Pakistani supporters.

From above, the captain broke his reed in a scathing attack on illegal smuggling drug sales and terrorism. Sidhu had gone to the opening ceremony of the Kartarpur Corridor in defiance of the Leader of the Nation and Legislature Party Captain Amarinder Singh. His closeness with Pakistani masters, military institutions and high command is not hidden. Some of the advisors appointed by Sidhu were also expelled by Captain Amarinder Singh due to some anti-national statements on laws like Article 370, Kashmir issue or CAA-NRC. The humiliated captain has on several occasions referred to Sidhu’s association with anti-national elements and its impact on India. But, the soldier has not given up yet. Seeing the political power of the captain and his will, the Congress also knows that this soldier of the Indian Army will not back down without fighting. Therefore, the possibility of a new formation of a political party by Amarinder is strong. Perhaps that is why in order to neutralize any resistance by the captain It was requested twice by Ashok Gehlot through tweet that Amarinder being a respected politician of Congress, please do not take any such step. Which hurts including Congress. Ambika Soni’s name being tossed for the chief minister’s post instead of Sidhu also reflects Amarinder’s fear in the Congress. So the possibility is certain that Amarinder will form a new party to stop Sidhu and his anti-national supporters.

With the intention of stopping Congress Sidhu and anti-national forces, if Amarinder Singh forms a new party, then there is a strong possibility of realization of two situations politically.

First That Amarinder Singh will contest elections in Punjab on his own. If the captain is oriented towards these possibilities in the womb of the future, then only his political identity will be limited to one vote. In Punjab, the Congress has a one-party infrastructure. Sidhu has the support of Khalistani as well as some extremist and separatist groups growing up in Punjab. The Akali Dal is also dependent on these groups due to political compulsion. Showing her devotion and devotion towards them, Harsimrat Kaur had even resigned on the issue of farmer’s law. There are many faces in Punjab who do the politics of selfishness of these groups. So in this political rivalry, Amarinder alone will only lead to irrelevance.

second The situation could be that Amarinder might join the BJP. Joining hands with the BJP would reflect a political vision for Amarinder. This political decision of his will lead his political future towards success. Anyway, there is a saying in politics that there is neither a temporary friend nor a temporary enemy. Then Amarinder, who grew up in nationalistic culture, and the BJP will have a definite and common enemy. The weakness of both will be covered by each other’s strength. Like BJP will get a nationalist Sikh face for chief minister’s post and Amarinder will get a nationalist outfit. Just as the BJP will get the support of the upper caste Jatt voters mobilized behind Amarinder, so Amarinder will get the support of Dalits, Hindus and non-Sikhs who rallied behind the BJP. Both will become the medium of powering each other and saffron will hoist the glorious flag of brotherhood in Punjab. The political equation that will emerge in Punjab in the name of saffron brotherhood from the alliance of Amarinder and BJP will be both mathematically and socially impenetrable and invincible.

Amarinder will fight. They will definitely fight. Sanskars with them will naturally inspire them. The Congress as a party and its political high command utterly failed to provide a consistent and strong leadership. His failure is due to his inability. The Congress could not only create a strong and welfare leadership in Punjab and at the national level, but instead gave radicals and anti-national sleeper cells like Sidhu an opportunity to their anti-national leaders to move forward. Therefore, Amarinder can join hands with the BJP to destroy the plans of these anti-national forces, preserve his political relevance and build the nation by laying the foundation of saffron brotherhood and establish himself in the power of Punjab forever.

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