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UP Minister Thakur Raghuraj’s bad words, said- ‘Sex scandal goes on in Delhi’s JNU’

Election ruckus is intensifying in Uttar Pradesh recently. Meanwhile, different statements are being given by different leaders. In such a situation, some leaders are also giving controversial statements. In such controversial statements, now a statement of Minister of State Thakur Raghuraj Singh has also been recorded. In fact, Thakur Raghuraj Singh, minister of state in the Yogi government in UP, has said in his statement that “sex scandal happens in Delhi’s JNU.” Along with this, he also targeted Rahul Gandhi, he even said that “big leaders of Congress including Rahul Gandhi go there.” The most shocking thing is that Raghuraj Singh has given this statement while talking to the media during Amit Shah’s rally in Aligarh.

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Significantly, this is not the first time that Raghuraj Singh has made such statements. Even before this, he has given many controversial statements. Even in the month of November, he had said that “If God gives me a chance, he will close all madrasas across the country.” This statement of the Minister of State was also strongly condemned. Opposition parties and Muslim organizations had also expressed strong opposition to this. In such a situation, while defending himself, Raghuraj Singh took the help of former President Abdul Kalam. He said that “Kalam sahib had said that a Muslim is not a born terrorist. When he goes to study in a madrasa, he learns many things.”

Raghuraj Singh has given controversial statements in the past too

Thakur Raghuraj Singh, minister of state in the Yogi government, often makes such statements which later become a cause of controversy. Even before this, the Minister of State, while describing the Muslims living in the country as converted, had called Sanatan Dharma the biggest religion of the world. He also made a comment on the Taliban, saying that “the Taliban did not make a single woman a minister in their country, so I said this.” But on the contrary, the minister had also said that “Just two days ago in Prayagraj, a cleric raped a Muslim child in a madrasa, so madrasas should be closed.”

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