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Tejashwi and Nitish Kumar’s closeness came to the fore! picture went viral on social media

New Delhi: The politics of Bihar is also amazing. On Monday, leaders of all political parties of Bihar met PM Modi to conduct the caste census. At the same time, after the meeting, CM Nitish Kumar said that the PM listened to everyone’s words seriously and now his decision is awaited. However, after this meeting, a picture of Tejashwi Yadav and Nitish Kumar is becoming fiercely viral. People are sharing it fiercely on social media.

Opposition in Bihar with Nitish Kumar
After this picture went viral, now different types of reactions are coming out. On social media, people are expressing their opinion about the closeness of both the leaders. However, when Tejashwi Yadav was asked about this, he said, “Whenever work has been done for the national interest, the opposition has been with the ruling party many times and will continue to do so.” We were with the government even during the Corona period. We had told Chief Minister Nitish Kumar even during the Corona period that whatever cooperation is needed, we are ready to cooperate.

Tejashwi’s statement after meeting
After meeting PM Modi, Tejashwi Yadav said, “For the national interest, representatives of ten parties of Bihar came to meet the Prime Minister, because this will be a historic work which will benefit everyone. Before the Mandal commission, no one knew how many castes there were. After Mandal commission it was found that there are thousands of castes in the country. One thing needs to be understood that when counting can be done on the basis of religion, trees, plants and animals can be counted, then all castes should also be there.

BJP targeted
Tejashwi Yadav targeted BJP in gestures. He said, “Today a historic work has happened. For the first time, the leaders of all the parties of a state met and talked to the Prime Minister on any issue. Census was conducted during the UPA government. But after the BJP government came, the figures could not be made public. It was said that the data has been corrupted.

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Regarding the caste census, Tejashwi said, “I thank the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister for the discussion on conducting the caste census. The Chief Minister accepted our request and asked for time to meet the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister listened to us, thank you for this. Now we are just waiting because he has to take the final decision. This is not only for Bihar. A demand has been made for the entire country.”

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