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So will BJP-Shiv Sena come together in Maharashtra?

Political upheaval can happen again in Maharashtra politics. Shiv Sena, which has been a constant attacker on BJP till yesterday, has taken a soft stand towards BJP these days, after which news started circulating that Shiv Sena and BJP can join hands again. When asked a question on this issue in a recent press conference, former Maharashtra Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis said “BJP Shiv Sena are not enemies, it is 100 per cent true but it does not mean that both will come together and form the government.” Fadnavis said that in politics there are no buts and decisions are taken according to the circumstances.

After Fadnavis’s statement, it has become more firm that BJP and Shiv Sena will come together again only if Fadnavis goes to the Center and the circumstances are favourable. But will it be beneficial for the BJP?

Till yesterday the Shiv Sena which was claiming to be the Sarva Sarva of Maharashtra, how did it get ready for the alliance today? This happened because Shiv Sena is scared at the moment. Shiv Sena’s alliance with Congress and NCP did not like its popular base. Muslim appeasement is happening under Shiv Sena’s rule, due to which Shiv Sainiks themselves are angry. Even, Shiv Sena talks about naming the flyover as Nizamuddin Auliya. All this has angered the common Shiv Sainiks and they want to join the second largest Hindu party in the state, namely the BJP. In such a situation, the Shiv Sena has realized that before its vote bank is completely merged with the BJP, it will have to make a comeback.

Apart from this, the Shiv Sena leader has been caught in the Antilia explosives case, so there may be a fear that the hold of the central investigative agencies may not be strengthened. For these reasons Shiv Sena wants to come back with BJP. For this, the formula is being discussed.

According to the news, under the new formula, Devendra Fadnavis can get an important place in the Union Cabinet. Also, Uddhav Thackeray will remain the Chief Minister in the state while two other Deputy Chief Ministers will be from BJP. If this happens then it will not be a good compromise for the BJP. The BJP has single-handedly defeated Mahavikas Aghadi in the recent by-elections. Its support base in the state is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the BJP-Shiv Sena alliance will stop the expansion of the BJP.

Shiv Sena’s alliance with BJP will not last long, because now both the parties will not be able to cooperate as they used to do twenty years ago. Then BJP was the smaller party at the regional level and Shiv Sena was the elder brother in the state. Today there is neither Balasaheb’s charisma nor BJP is a small party. Even if BJP comes with Shiv Sena, Shiv Sena will not be able to digest its expansion. In such a situation, even by staying together, conflict is bound to happen. It would be better if BJP waits for the next election and forms the government with full majority.

BJP will suffer the biggest loss if Devendra Fadnavis is removed from Maharashtra politics. As a sharp leader like him, the Leader of the Opposition remains a problem for the government. Fadnavis has been the Chief Minister once, his popularity is also good, in such a situation, he can make Maharashtra like Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh or Narendra Modi in Gujarat. Maharashtra has 48 Lok Sabha seats. If BJP is patient then BJP will be stronghold in Maharashtra for a long time and BJP will get another big leader.

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