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PM Modi attended the 54th convocation of IIT Kanpur, said many important things

PM Narendra Modi is in Kanpur today. He attended the 54th convocation of IIT Kanpur on Tuesday morning. In the afternoon, he will inaugurate the metro rail project in Kanpur at a cost of about 11 thousand crores. Many people will also tell you shortcuts for convenience in the journey that started from today. But my advice would be that you don’t choose comfort, choose definitely. Because, whether you want it or not, there are bound to be challenges in life. Those who run away from them, they become their victims. Who would not want Indian companies to become global, India’s products to become global. One who knows IITs, knows the talent here, knows the hard work of the professors here, believes this IIT’s youth will definitely do it.

PM Modi said that – In this 75th year of independence, we have more than 75 unicorns, more than 50,000 start-ups. Of these, 10,000 have come only in the last 6 months. Today India has emerged as the second largest startup hub of the world. How many startups have been started by the youth of our IITs. You must be showing impatience in my words, but I want you to become impatient for a self-reliant India in the same way. Self-reliant India is the basic form of complete freedom, where we will not be dependent on anyone. Swami Vivekananda had said – Every nation has a message to deliver, a mission to fulfill, a destiny to reach. If we will not be self-reliant, then how will our country fulfill its goals, how will it reach its destination?

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PM Modi (Narendra Modi) said that – When the country’s independence has completed 25 years, by then we should have done a lot to stand on our feet. Since then it is too late, the country has lost a lot of time. Two generations have gone in between, so we don’t have to lose even two moments. The thinking and attitude which is yours today is the same attitude of the country. Earlier, if the thinking was to run the work, then today the thinking is to do something, work and bring results. Earlier, if there was an attempt to get rid of the problems, then today resolutions are taken to solve the problems. This era, this 21st century, is completely technology driven. Even in this decade, technology is going to increase its dominance in different fields. Life without technology would now be incomplete in a way. This is the age of competition of life and technology and I am sure you will definitely come out ahead in this.

PM Modi said that – in that era of 1930, the youth of 20-25 years, his journey till 1947 and the achievement of independence in 1947, was the golden phase of his life. Today you are also stepping into the Golden Era in a way similar to that. Just as this is the elixir of the life of the nation, similarly it is the elixir of your life. Further the Prime Minister said that – Kanpur is one of the few selected cities in India, which is so diverse. From Satti Chaura Ghat to Madari Pasi, from Nana Saheb to Batukeshwar Dutt. When we visit this city, it is as if we are walking back to the glorious past of the sacrifices of the freedom struggle. When you joined IIT Kanpur and now you are leaving here. And now, you must be feeling a huge change in yourself. Before coming here, there will be a fear of the unknown, a query of the unknown. Now there is no fear of the unknown, now the whole world has the courage to explore. Now there is no Query of Unknown, now it is Quest for the best, it is a dream to dominate the whole world.

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